If you can't see Beyoncé at her "Renaissance" world tour, you can at least smell like her.

Her new $160 fragrance, on pre-order now exclusively at beyonce.com, has a base note of Namibian myrrh and golden amber. Rose absolute and jasmine sambac make up the heart note, with clementine and golden honey coming together for the top note.

Crafted and designed by Beyoncé herself, orders start to ship in November.


Marco Bizzarri has about two months left as the CEO of Gucci before he leaves the company in late September. The departure comes after a reorganization of executives at Kering — the fashion conglomerate that owns Gucci, along with brands like Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta.

Jean-François Palus will replace him.

Another luxury fashion conglomerate, LVMH, has news of its own: It will officially be a premium sponsor of the 2024 Summer Olympics. In a tweet, Vanessa Friedman, the fashion director and chief fashion critic at the New York Times, wrote:

"LVMH is becoming a premium sponsor of the 2024 Paris Olympics. I'm telling you: sports and fashion are a thing. Get ready for the Great Convergence."

Be on the lookout for more business deals and overall visibility in the world of high fashion.

Speaking of visibility, what's the hottest brand out there right now? What products are your friends trying to get their hands on?

Well, according to the Lyst Index, the hottest brand for Q2 2023 was Loewe. The brand's Anagram tank top was also the hottest product in Q2.

In second place we have Prada (which was #1 in Q1) followed by Versace in third (up five slots from its previous position).

Breakout brands include Goyard, Posse and Loro Piana.

Film and Television

There's no escaping Barbie ... especially when the blockbuster film had an estimated $150 million marketing campaign. As Josh Goldstine, Warner Bros. president of global marketing, told Variety:

"We saw it as a breadcrumb strategy, where we gave people little elements of the movie to stimulate curiosity and that created conversation."

From a Barbie Dreamhouse that was available to book through Airnbnb, to a constant barrage of fan-made social media posts (thank you, #Barbenheimer), Barbie was always bound to be the it-girl of the summer.

And the efforts paid off. Barbie earned $165 million in North America (and $337 million globally).

Oh, and if you still haven't seen the movie, your ticket at AMC will be the same price no matter where you sit in the theater. If you're thinking "huh?" right now, let us catch you up.

Earlier this year, AMC announced a new pilot initiative called Sightline that would charge different ticket prices depending on your vantage point. That all came to a halt last week when the company announced they were pivoting away from that program.

But the test did prove something: People don't like to sit in the front row. Even with a price reduction through the Sightline program, there was "little or no increase in patronage of front row seating ..." the company said.

As a result, AMC is reprioritizing their efforts to another test program later in the year that will bring "extensive seat recline" to front-row seats at select US locations.  

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